Abandon WordPress 2013

This is a very quick update! 

So this year has been full of change and surprisingly positive. 

D&AD has released  the new blood award briefs so watch this space for as much as i can do within the time. It’s a challange 😉

speak soon Laters 

Ella xoxo 


If money didn’t matter. . . i’d travel the world

This is one of the best videos I have watched, Ever! If money was no object I would travel the world, experience all I could. There are so many places to go and see that if we are stuck behind a desk all day we will see only that desk. I think everyone should watch this video. Life is what we make of it and we only live once, so why waste it?

#PHEED my new favourite app


The other day i found  a new app called PHEED! Its a new social media that allows us, its users to upload everything to one place. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus have already taken to the app and have a wide fan base going on PHEED.


The homepage is a collection of the best. The best being the features of other social media sites. So all the things you like about Facebook or twitter are all put together to make the PHEED homepage. It’s also easy to play, look and read off of it.

People can subscribe to you and you to them. You can add friends from Facebook or Twitter and also follow your favourite celebs. overall i’d say get the app.


Christmas has started with John Lewis

John Lewis has done it again and made another beautiful festive advert. The ads music is a cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘Power of Love’ sung by Gabrielle Aplin, a 20 year old singer signed to Parlophone Records.

This advert tells us the story of a snowman who started out in a countryside garden and goes on a journey. He then returns to the countryside house. We see that he went off to get the snow woman a christmas present on christmas morning.

Is John Lewis now competing with Coca cola to be the official start of christmas?

RKCR/Y&R open house

On the 24th of october RKCR/Y&R opened their doors to around 100 grads, all looking to be accepted onto #rkcrtrainee scheme. The night was really helpful and inspiring, id recommend if you can go to another one get on the list ASAP! 

I left uni knowing i had to get a job but I didn’t quite know how. The middle bit was always kept quiet and seemed like one big secret. But going to this event and talking to people who were not so long ago in the same situation, I found the night made the whole situation seem a lot more realistic and exciting.

We started by getting welcome drinks and some talks on how the evening would go. It was then followed up by 6 different talks all around the agency on what all the different departments do. It was during the Planning talk that I realised that I really wanted to be a planner and its where I fitted into best.

Also whilst being in the agency we were shown something very familiar. Whilst the olympics was on I saw this a few times a day on the BBC and I loved it. But it was only at the open house I found out that it was done by RKCR/Y&R, and i must say it is one of my favourites.

The night was amazing and i’m excited to get the application filled out! fingers crossed for the future.

The Little Black Jacket


The Saatchi gallery is currently hosting The little black jacket exhibition. I went last week and i thought it was really good. The dark lighting in the rooms really helps give the right atmosphere for all the photographs. My Favourite part about it was the Yoko Ono photos and video. These are the first that you will see downstairs in the gallery.


Also another cool part of this exhibition was getting a free poster. You got the option to choose from 3, I chose Georgia May Jagger. The photo below is of the room giving out posters and this is a pile of the Little black jacket book.


The last part of the exhibition is in the darkest room and it happens to be the most colourful. It was all black and just one other colour. It looked like massive sheets of acrylic and they had a colour painted onto them. But put up against a black wall and they were just photos. simply clever.


All in all, I recommend if you have thought about going, Just Go!